What to do after Career Showcase

So, you just attended Career Showcase, what’s next? Here are four steps to take to keep your momentum going and put your best self forward.  

Check your email and voicemail!  

Did you know that some companies host first round interviews the day after Career Showcase? Make sure that you are checking the email account you provided, as well as your voicemail and texts. You might find you have been selected for an interview or the company might be inviting you to an Employer Hosted Event such as a networking event or information session to further engage and build connections.  

Be sure to review interview strategies before you meet with an employer. 

If you plan to attend an Employer Hosted Event or an additional networking event after Career Showcase, here are some tips on how to stand out 

Follow up with who you spoke with during the event.  

While each company and recruiter are different when it comes to their preference to how you should follow-up (email, apply online, connect via LinkedIn).

Follow up promptly, but not while you are in a rush. Make sure you are giving yourself enough time to create a professional and intentional message. A good goal for follow-up is within 24- 48 hours after meeting. 

Review our guide on crafting professional messages. 

Make sure your LinkedIn is updated.  

We hear from employers that they often visit candidates LinkedIn to learn more about their candidates. With that in mind, it is important that you not only have created a LinkedIn profile, but that it is up to date and is consistent to the information you shared at Career Showcase.  

Check out our website for some quick tips on how to create/update your LinkedIn profile and why your online presence is important.  

Stay motivated and engaged!  

Looking for your next opportunity, either full-time or an internship, is a marathon not a sprint. While attending Career Showcase is an important part of the process it is important to understand that it is not the only service that the Career Connections Center offers to help you achieve your goals.  

 The Career Connections Center has a variety of in-person and virtual workshops, labs, and panels to help you learn about Career Showcase and recruitment activities.

In addition to Career Showcase, the Career Connections Center has a range of career fairs to fit every student’s need. From on-campus to virtual events, our fairs give you the opportunity to meet and network with well-known companies. 

Make sure you are checking Gator CareerLink for additional employment opportunities. Gator CareerLink (GCL) is the portal to everything career at the University of Florida. Employers intentionally recruit in GCL to connect with talented UF students and alumni. For more information about GCL and the resources available through this tool visit our website 




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