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2019-2020 Student Outcomes

2019-2020 University of Florida GraduatesData from 2019-2020: UF Graduation Survey student responses less than 5 students represented as *

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The following tips will teach you how to navigate the UF Student Outcomes Dashboard to see UF graduate salary and employment data.

  • Hoving the mouse or insertion point will reveal additional details.
  • Clicking on the reset in the bottom-left corner of the Dashboard will clear all selected filters, resetting the Dashboard back to its original setup.
  • Holding Ctrl on the keyboard allows multiple filters to be selected at once.
  • Selecting options in the drop-down menus for College, Major, Degree Type, and Occupation allow for viewing summary figures for specific subpopulations of student graduates


What: The UF Graduation Survey serves as an ’exit survey’ for all graduating UF students (undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., etc.), which consists of students’ self-reported student outcome data regarding their post-graduate destinations and career/academic-related experience while attending UF.

When: The University of Florida’s academic year consists of 3 graduations: Summer, Fall, and Spring (in that order). The UF Graduation Survey is open for graduating students to complete between two weeks before Commencement and seven weeks after graduation.

How: The UF Graduation Survey is available for graduating UF students to complete through a survey link in their ONE.UF student portal. Over 95% of UF graduates complete the UF Graduation Survey each academic year.

Results: The University of Florida’s Institutional Research & Planning (IPR) is the data steward for data collected by the UF Graduation Survey. The UF Career Connections Center has a tradition of supporting the IPR’s student outcome reporting efforts for accreditation, ranking, and strategic stakeholder needs.


– Career Connections Center Employer Consultations
– UF IPR: Information Request System

*IPR data requests will be approved, adjusted, or denied based on business needs, FERPA protections, and other institutional policies and ethical considerations. Additionally, the IPR team maintains a consistently heavy load of institutional projects, so please be patient in awaiting a response.

For additional summary data requests, please get in touch with Julia Vollrath at juliavollrath@ufl.edu.