Experiential Learning Resources to Support Our Faculty and Staff

UF faculty and staff, who are experts in their fields, bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the UF student experience. By working together and sharing our knowledge and experience, we create a dynamic learning environment that prepares UF students for success in their chosen career pathways. Below are some resources that you can utilize to help the experiential learning ecosystem at UF thrive.

What is Experiential Learning: 

Experiential Learning (EL) engages students beyond the classroom and provides practical insight into careers while building knowledge and skills and establishing professional connections. When engaging in these activities, students can reflect on their unique value to the world of work and gain confidence in their career direction.

EL @ UF 

At the University of Florida, a myriad of opportunities for experiential learning await, serving as powerful conduits to enrich the student journey both inside and outside the classroom, ultimately bolstering post-graduation success. Below, you'll find a visual representation of seven distinct experience categories alongside sample offerings officially recognized by the university. 


Want to List Your Co-Curricular Program? 

We have put together an experiential learning Dashboard to assist students in finding opportunities to engage in across campus.  

Submit your program here  

Experiential Learning Resources to Share with STUDENTS

The Career Connections Center supports your students before, during and after their engagement in your experience offering. Refer your students to the C3 to do the following activities: